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Photo Gallery: Architecture, Construction & Manufacturing Student Wood Projects

This beautiful table was made by: Edwin P Sac Chox

Stephanie Salazar and Alexandra Rubio Vasquez

November 30, 2016

Principles of Architecture and Construction students, as well as the Principles of Manufacturing students in Mrs. Jettie Greene's classes, participated in a furniture building project using wood. The students worked diligently and used their imagination to create chairs and tables for their Career and...

Winter Dance Concert to be held Friday, December 2nd

Winter Dance Concert to be held Friday, December 2nd

Staff Reports

November 28, 2016

The Dance Department is having a Dance Concert this Friday at 6pm. Ms. Harris would like to personally invite you to come and see all the fun shannaginns that happen in The Dance Factory! Tickets are $3 this week but $5 at the door. I so hope to see all you fabulous folks there!  ...

Starlette Yesica Pineda Shines on the Dance Floor

Starlette Yesica Pineda Shines on the Dance Floor

Keven Romero, Sports Editor

November 28, 2016

We recently interviewed junior Starlette Yesica Pineda, who brings out her best when it comes to dancing, and she has hopeful plans for the future.   Where are you from? I am from Houston, TX. What school did you most recently attend? Before attending Wisdom High School, I went to Pil...

“The Caucasian Chalk Circle” Theater Production

The theater arts scenario.

Uriel Noyola, Reporter

November 14, 2016

Students, staff and parents are invited to come and watch our Theater Arts Production of "The Caucasian Chalk Circle" on November 17 & 18 at 6 pm, in the Wisdom HS Auditorium. Tickets are $2 pre-sale and $3 at the door. The Wisdom Theater Arts group will be performing the play, that will involve...

What’s a Favicon? Ask Students in Ms. Gopannan’s Class

Favicon done by Muskan Taneja.

Ahsan Ali and Sedrah Jamal

November 9, 2016

Nowadays, our technology advances in several ways, playing a big part in our daily routine. Work and communication is usually done on a computer or on a phone. But, do we know how this works? How are we able to reach a designated website? What’s the process for sending a message to a DNS server? These...

Visit the Lamp Exhibit in Room 309

All of the lamps were created by students.

Kimberly Catalan, Reporter

October 17, 2016

Ms. Greene teaches Principles of Manufacturing and Principles of Architecture and Construction in room 309, where her students perform hands-on tasks that deal with math, science, ELA and social studies. Her lessons and plans relate to students daily activities. Students work to manufacture products...

Picking the Strings with Guitarist Yelson Algua

Algua played solo guitar at the Homecoming Pep Rally

Luis Aguirre and Abraham Rangel

October 14, 2016

Senior student Yelson Algua has a true musical talent.  He brings harmony to Wisdom High School, and with his melodic tunes, we’re able to understand what great music sounds like. Yelson has been practicing the art of music since he was in middle school. With the help of his teacher and fellow...

Meet New Teacher Ms. Boeker – An Amazing Eye for Art

Meet New Teacher Ms. Boeker - An Amazing Eye for Art

Ahsan Ali, Reporter

September 29, 2016

Ms. Boeker has always had a passion for art and she can’t wait to teach her skills to her students. She’s ready for a creative 2016-17 school year, and shares her story on the path of fulfilling her dreams. “I’ve enjoyed art my entire life and would often get in trouble for sketching in class,”...

Join The Woods Project and Visit Amazing National Parks

The photo was taken at McDonald Lake in Glacier National Park this summer during their two-week backpacking trip. Pictured is a student “Taking The Plunge” into the ten mile long lake, that bottoms out over four hundred feet deep! Over 60 Houston ISD students decided to “#SayYEStoAdventure” this summer in Glacier National Park.

Staff Reports, Miguel Maldonado, Reporter

September 29, 2016

If you are not familiar with The Woods Project, this is a great opportunity to see their mission in action; to create wilderness education and exploration experiences that develop critical behaviors needed for disadvantaged students to achieve success in school and life. The Woods Project can be a way...

Kirko Bangz joins G-man and Chile from 97.9 The Box at Wisdom Pep Rally

Kirko Bangz joins G-man and Chile from 97.9 The Box at Wisdom Pep Rally

Luis Aguirre and Dayana Rodriguez

September 28, 2016

The special guests that arrived at our Homecoming Pep Rally on September 23 made it more exciting and fun. It was a grand time for students, and was a moment that they’ll never forget. “I never expected to have so many people come out to this event,” said G-man of 97.9 The Box Radio Statio...



September 22, 2016

HOMECOMING WEEK PEP RALLY!!! We hope that our students show support and spirit for our Football team, as they prepare to face Milby in our homecoming game at 7 pm at Butler Stadium, on Friday, September 23. During 4th period that day will be our Pep Rally - buy a $2.00 ticket to come and show your...

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