Garcia Named Starlette Dance Team Captain

Carlos Murillo, Reporter

Dance has always been a big part of our school and it’s always been considered one of our favorite fine arts as well. However this year, we have more to be excited about when it comes to our new Starlettes dance team. It seems  that the dance teacher, Ms. Harris, wants the dance team to grow the team spirit through trust and teamwork. “I want for my girls to truly form a bond and understand the importance of teamwork and believing in each other,” said Harris.
The girls themselves seem to have learned a lot already coming into the team, but even their natural talent isn’t stopping them from pushing themselves to even higher standards. When competition season comes – we can be certain – they will perform amazingly and we’ll all be proud of these girls!
Now we all know with every dance group there comes a dance prodigy. Kimberlyn Garcia is the new team captain for the Starlettes, and she has an amazing background story.
Kimberlyn began dancing as a way to help relieve her stress and keep her mind off problems. When she was in middle school and also during part of her freshman year, she was constantly being bullied by others. This was taking a toll on her, but she decided to use her body to dance as a way to express her feelings.
Then, as a freshman and sophomore, she tried out for the Lee High School Dance Squad, but was denied. That didn’t stop her from trying again and actually achieving her goal in getting onto the team. In her junior year, her dream finally came true, and she danced on the team last year. Garcia hopes to achieve a career in the dance industry as a ballet dancer, and her favorite type of music is jazz, hip-hop, and POM.
“I am so grateful for the opportunity to be on the team,” said Garcia. “As the Captain, I plan to create an environment where everyone is committed and responsible for everything when it comes to the team itself”, said Garcia.
We wish all the best for our New Starlette Dance team!