Become a Leader by Joining Student Council


Sedrah Jamal

Wisdom HS Student Council.

Sedrah Jamal, News Editor

Ms. McQuiggin is looking for students from grades 9-12 to join the Student Council. Student Council is a representative structure for students, through which they can become involved in the activities of the school and work in partnership with school management, staff, and parents for the benefit of the school and its students. “It’s an organization that works with the advisors of Wisdom HS to give students a voice,” said Ms. McQuiggin.

There are numerous advantages by becoming a part of the Student Council. “Students get to have input and some community service hours,” McQuiggin said. “You can have a voice and you’ll be heard. You’ll also earn valuable leadership and communication skills, learn how to plan activities, have organizational skills, and gain responsibility.”

Ms. McQuiggin is hoping for one thing of the Student Council for the 2016-17 year, and that is for everyone to realize their beliefs have significance here at Wisdom High School. “I’m hoping it will allow the students to believe their opinions matter.” Everyone has something they want to express, and that can be achieved by becoming a member of the Student Council.

This year, there will be no elections for the Student Council. Members will be chosen on September 29, so be sure to pick up an application from Ms. McQuiggin in room 113 and have the opportunity to speak your mind.