New Staff Member of the Week: Victoria Pena


Marcos Cervantes , Reporter

Every year, we receive new staff members here at our school and of course, this year was no exception! Meet Ms. Victoria Peña – she was recently added to our Wisdom HH staff, and is now working in the front office.

Ms. Peña was born and raised in Texas and her whole family resides in Houston. This is Ms. Peña’s first year working at a school, her motivation to do well is because she hopes to inspire young adults to become successful. What Ms. Pena enjoys most about working at Wisdom are the interactions with her fellow employees and the student body.

When asked about her dreams and goals for the future, she said “I’ve already achieved my biggest goal, I wanted to work in the Houston Independent School District and finally I am doing that now.” Victoria also shared that she loves to travel when she has spare time, both here in the USA and outside the country.

We welcome Ms. Peña to Wisdom High School! When you see her in the office, be sure to say hello.