Students Register to Vote in Upcoming Presidential Election


David Fanucchi

Students watch as Maria Villenas explains how a voting booth works

Astrid Escobar, News Editor

The students in Ms. McQuiggin’s Government class as well as Mr. Thetford’s History class got a chance at learning and even registering (if 18 years or older) about the process required to vote in this upcoming election, on Thursday, September 22. They were led and taught by Ms. Maria G. Villenas who works as the Civic Engagement Lead for an organization called Mi Familia Vota, located at 7500 Bellaire Blvd.


Arturo Lorrazabal, a senior here at Wisdom, was excited after having the opportunity to register to vote for the very first time, during Ms. Villenas’ presentation. Lorrazabal even took an extra registration form for his older sister Kimberly, so that she can get a chance to register and vote in the upcoming election as well.

“I have am going to listen to the debates because I haven’t made my mind up about who to vote for”, said Lorrazabal.