ESL Program is a Shining Light for Newcomers


Grecia Martinez

(starting from the left) Maria Vasquez, Ronda Rhodes, Mallory Goodwin, Estrella Guerrero.

Miguel Maldonado and Grecia Martinez

In case you were not aware, we here at Wisdom High School have an excellent ESL program that helps students get their education by helping them transition into learning English, using specific ESL strategies. This is a 4-year program that helps students that do not speak English as their native language, to graduate. So far, it has been really successful. The team has increased by an abundant quantity this year.

There are several teachers on the team, including Mr. Reed, Ms. Fatoma, Ms. Lal Dominguez and many others. They have helped students that come from many other countries.

Ronda Rhodes and Mallory Goodwin – two brand new staff members that lead the department – expressed how great they feel working with the ESL students and teachers. “I love working with this team,” Rhodes said. It is also their first year at Wisdom, but they have many years of previous experience working in Spring Branch.

Estrella Guerrero – has been working at Wisdom for two years, used to work at Park Place Elementary. “I really enjoy being with this program, because you get to learn about many cultures from all around the world,” said Guerrero.

Maria Vasquez has also been administering the program for two years. “I love it here, and really appreciate being a part of this team,” said Vasquez.

For all those non-English speaking students, the ESL program is a great opportunity to get the education you deserve, and you are learning from the best! They are a central part of our diverse culture here at Wisdom.