New Assistant Principal Jorge Cardenas starts off his first year


Miguel Maldonado

Mr. Cardenas worked at Sharpstown High School last year.

Sedrah Jamal, News Editor

When you’re walking through the hallways, be sure to stop by room 324 to give a warm welcome to Wisdom High School’s new assistant principal, Mr. Cardenas. Being in a new school with new students can open up your eyes to a whole different perspective, and so far, Mr. Cardenas is liking it here at Wisdom.

He has considerable plans for the 2016-17 school year. “I hope to be able to work with teachers in the science department and make Wisdom HS a great choice,” said Cardenas.

Being born in the United States, Mr. Cardenas finds it interesting how diverse the student population is and the places our fellow classmates come from. Wisdom is proudly serving students from over 70 different countries, including 40 different languages.

“I think it’s a wonderful mix of cultures and I’m looking forward to interacting with the students,” he states. As the saying goes, Wisdom High School is where the world comes to learn.