New Student of the Week: Carlos Murillo

New Student of the Week: Carlos Murillo

Marcos Cervantes, Reporter

Most high schools usually get about a dozen transfer students every year. Whether it be freshmen or seniors, new students will always pop throughout a school year. In our high school, however, we get brand new students registering for classes here all the time.

As it was in the case of one of our newest students: junior Carlos Murillo. Carlos transferred here from Kipp Houston High School, which is located near Sam Houston Freeway about a 30-minute drive from our campus.

Carlos is most excited about the new start he has received upon enrolling at Wisdom High School. Since he was attending a charter school, the change in coming here has been very drastic.

“This school is very diverse and quite different from where I came from, and I like it here” said Murillo. Carlos’ forte in academics is Science and English. Whenever he has free time, he dedicates it to watching anime such as Naruto, or just playing sports like soccer.

His lifetime goal is to become a mechanical engineer by getting his degree from Texas A&M. Filled with ambitions, this new student will be a great addition to our campus.