Lee HS Class of ’66 returns to campus during 50-year reunion weekend


Ford Davis

Members of the Robert E. Lee HS Class of 1966 recently returned to campus for a visit

Staff, Submitted to Wisdom HS News

The Lee High School Class of 1966 recently celebrated their 50th class reunion here in Houston, with over 100 alums and their spouses gathering at a local establishment. But to kick off the milestone, several of the alumni of ’66 paid a visit to their former campus on a Friday afternoon, many of whom have not been back to the Beverly Hill address since graduation.
There were some interesting pieces of information that came out of the discussion with current members of the staff here at Wisdom HS, the former Lee students, and the current JROTC members, who hosted a small gathering in the library for the alumni, with snacks and beverages.
• Room 103 used to be Home Economics
• Our campus once had its own radio broadcast club
• Cheerleaders used to host pep rallies from the roof of the school
“A big shout out to the JROTC Battalion for being great hosts, tour guides and ambassadors for our great campus,” said 11th Grade Dean Mr. Mata. “The Class of ’66 could not stop raving about these cadets.” In addition, Sargent Conrod and Major Corona provided memorabilia for the alumni to look through, and many of the old yearbooks from the 1960’s were on hand as well. One of the alums found an old photo of himself among the archives.
“The students and staff did a very nice job of hosting us,” said alumni Ford Davis. “Everyone should be proud of the quality young adults that Lee (Wisdom) is now turning out. We really enjoyed our tour and thank all of you for such a wonderful afternoon.”
The class of ’66 was the first class to start and finish at Lee High School. The graduates before 1966 started their high school careers at either Lamar or Bellaire, but this class created the legacy that we all try to live up to. And it was not easy. Lee was a brand new school and new building, and every program and tradition was started from scratch. With our new name and a new building to move into next year, our current situation is not that much different than it was some 50 years ago.