The Wisdom Starlettes Win National Championship in Lyrical Dance


Julian Cabrera, Reporter

The Wisdom Starlettes recently won the National Championship in Lyrical dance at a competition held at UT Arlington. They also finished in 3rd place in the Jazz and Hip-Hop categories.

“I am beyond proud of my team,” Ms. Witter exclaimed. “Their perseverance is impeccable.”

The Starlettes traveled to North Texas to compete for Nationals and to try and make history, and that is what they did. They competed against school all across Texas and from other states, and managed to persevere to win even with the challenge of being the smallest team in the High School category. The Starlets struggled with many other obstacles as they approached the event.

“Competition season for us has come to an end, but I couldn’t be prouder of my girls,” Witter said. “They had to choreograph and assist each other due to my accident, and that made this season very difficult.”

Although the odds were stacked against our team, they came back with a vengeance, determined to be better on the National Competition floor. With the work of all the dancers, they pulled through and will forever be remembered by our school as National champions.

“Training was very difficult with Ms. Witter being out, but our captain Divine brought us together, to work and prepare ourselves for the competition,” Maria said. “I’m so happy that we won.”