An Open Letter to Wisdom Freshman, From a Senior


Sherlyn Yanes, Reporter

Many of us that are now seniors, wish they had some guidance through out their freshman year from other students. That is why I wanted to share some advice that I wish I had, when I was starting high school here at Wisdom.
First, know that the transition from middle school to high school can be overwhelming. That is why I think having a planning program on your laptop is really important, such as a calendar that you can use to input your assignments and events into. That way, you can have all your activities organized and not be overwhelmed.
Secondly, I understand that we all tend to procrastinate. So, don’t deny that it might happen, but also don’t worry! It is more normal than you think, but with good friends, a solid support system and a good approach, you can turn procrastination into action. The pressure you put on yourself now will mirror the pressure you’ll experience in college or in a job, which will help you with high stress situations in your future.
Also, always keep it real. Being realistic about your future is important, and the sooner you start thinking about it the better. If you want to attend to a top college, you need to start working for that immediately, focusing on getting good grades in every class. It’s also important to be involved and to take leadership positions because that’s what will make you stand out from the crowd.
I hope these tips work for all freshman and I hope you all can enjoy your first year of high school. There’s nothing better than to live in the moment, because before you know it, you’ll be a senior and you don’t get a do over! Live your high school years with no regrets!