Time Management and Organizational Tips for High School Students

Sherlyn Yanes, Reporter

Lately many students have complained about not having enough hours after school to complete homework, due to all of our after school activities and other responsibilities. We try to keep up with our schedule, but sometimes not having time management and organizational skills can make us feel overwhelmed. So here I have a few tips on how can learn to apply time management and organization to your everyday life here at Wisdom.

Figure out how are you currently spending your time
Figuring out how are you spending your time is an important part of organization, because you can accommodate all your activities during the day and then realize what tasks are more important to prioritize. For example, if you end up with some free time near the end of a period or class, instead of using your phone, you could invest that time in completing homework. Then, the rest of the day will become easier for you.

Create a daily schedule
After figuring out all your activities, creating a schedule will help you manage your time. I recommend prioritizing wisely. Maybe you could schedule doing 15 minutes of homework in every period, since our classes here are 1 hour and 45 minutes long. By doing that, you might not feel overwhelmed when you get home after school, if you have other responsibilities.

Avoid the urge to multitask
Sometimes when you have many things to do, we tend to try to do all the tasks at once. But that’s just going to waste your time. Multi-tasking will kill your organization. Instead, you should assign time limits to your tasks, that way you can focus on completing one at a time and checking them off your list of to-do’s.

Learn to say no
Time managing and organization as a student can be hard, because we want to have fun too. Sometimes we want to leave the responsibilities behind, but as I said before, you have to learn to prioritize what’s important and learn to say no to friends, when there’s something more important to do.

Everyone has their own way to manage time and to be organized, but if you try to incorporate these tips, they can become a more routine part of your every day life.