Q&A With Senior Class of 2022 President Pablo Flores Campos


Pablo Flores Campos – Wisdom HS Senior Class of 22 President

Tania Solano, Reporter

The Wisdom Chronicle recently sat down with newly elected Senior Class President Pablo Flores Campos, to discuss his plans for this school year.

How do you feel about the team members that have been elected with you, to be on the Senior Class Council?

• I feel very confident that we are going to accomplish great things to benefit of our classmates. My senior class council colleagues have the heart and courage to serve my fellow classmates and diligently work for them. I believe that this senior class council will leave a positive legacy for our campus, and I am excited to work along with them.

What are some expectations that you have?
• My expectations for the new student council are that they will deliver what they promised to the students during the campaign. I expect that they will work every single day for our classmates. I expect that they will always be ready to take on the challenges that we are going to face. I believe that my government will put all of their time and effort into making our class the best it can be.

Why is it important to have a class president in office?
• It is important to have a class president so that students can be represented and heard. The class president advocates for changes that help the students. The president delivers the voice of all the students, he makes sure that everyone is included and he works to defend the rights of all the students.

What motivated you to run for President?
• I decided to run for the presidency because I want to work for my fellow classmates, and I want them to feel included. I want them to feel that their voices are heard and that there is someone to help them find solutions to their problems. I want my classmates to succeed because if they succeed, we all succeed. The tasks ahead are not going to be easy, but with hard work and dedication we can accomplish our goals and leave a legacy that will impact and positively shape our campus.

How do you feel, now that you have been elected?
• I feel excited to have this great opportunity to work for my fellow classmates and support them in carrying the burden of being seniors. I feel honored that my classmates gave me their vote of trust to represent them.

What are you individually trying to accomplish this year?

• I want to make our time in high school the best it can be. I want use teamwork to raise money and improve class activities and our Prom. I want to work hard so that we have the best prom ever. I want to put all my time and effort into making our class the best it can be. My administration will serve everyone. I will listen to everyone’s ideas and strongly advocate to defend my fellow classmates. We need to understand our students and satisfy their needs and help them carry their burdens. I believe that my goals will positively impact our high school.