Get Real: Comprehensive Sex Education That Works

Staff Reports

Wisdom High School has scheduled Get Real: Comprehensive Sex Ed That Works, a comprehensive sex education program, for high school students during study hall. This 8-week program delivers factually accurate, age-appropriate information on a range of topics pertaining to sexual health, sexuality, accessing health care, and healthy relationships.

Get Real is grounded in the principles of social and emotional learning, which focuses on the areas of self-awareness, self-management, awareness of others, relationship skills and responsible decision making. In this program, students are given the foundation to make responsible decisions about sex and sexuality, as well as to build and maintain healthy relationships in all aspects of their lives. Our expert sexual health educators are trained to create inclusive environments, so that all students regardless of their race, gender, orientation, and background, feel safe and respected.

This program recognizes parents and caregivers as the primary sexuality educators of their children. Through three family activities, parents and their adolescents will explore their own values about sex and sexuality, learn developmentally appropriate facts and information and will develop the skills necessary to have ongoing and comfortable conversations about this important topic. Positive communication between parents and teens helps establish family and individual values enabling young people to make healthier, safer and better-informed decisions related to sexuality.

We are excited to be able to offer Get Real at a time when it is critical for young people to learn facts and skills to keep them healthy. Please complete the parental consent form so that your child may participate in this important program. For the permission slip, please e-mail Shannon Forssman: [email protected]