Yearbook Publisher Plants 80 Trees in the Name of Wisdom High School

Wisdom is a TreeRing Green Yearbook School

Wisdom is a TreeRing Green Yearbook School

Staff Reports

At the beginning of the 2019-20 school year, the Wisdom Yearbook staff decided to partner with a new innovative and unique publishing partner. The company is called TreeRing, and the organization plants new trees for every yearbook that their school partners sell. They work with a group called Trees for the Future, to not only plant trees, but to also end deforestation, and help with poverty and hunger by providing families with food and income through their Forest Garden Approach.

“We are excited to partner with TreeRing, and we love their beneficial aspect of charity work,” said Wisdom Yearbook Adviser David Fanucchi. “Last year, in our first production we sold 80 yearbooks, which means that 80 trees will be planted in the name of Wisdom High School, in a forest patch somewhere in the world.”

TreeRing prints on partially recycled paper and only produces the exact number of books parents buy, eliminating unnecessary waste and resources. Their school partners can feel good about providing students and parents with a yearbook that captures their personal memories in a beautifully produced book, and they can also have confidence in the sustainable and environmentally conscious approach taken in producing them.

TreeRing Green Yearbook School

“The trees will be planted where they are most beneficial to our Mother Earth,” said TreeRing Customer Service Representative Corey Vance. “TreeRing does not have input on where the trees should be planted and they are not planted on school grounds. We partner with a group called “Trees for the Future”, and they are the ones who actually plant the trees.” You can find a lot of really cool information on their website at