Wisdom National Honor Society Creates Virtual Study Group for Online Tutoring

Mara Nezami, Online Editor

The Wisdom High School National Honor Society is one of the most prestigous groups on campus. And this year, the club is welcoming Sophomore students into the group for the first time, alongside the best and brightest juniors and seniors. The NHS is making this new approach during this year of flexibility – a very different school year for all of us.
The club is helping their members in numerous ways. Half of the members are attending school virtually, while the NHS has been holding meetings online when necessary. Trying to learn during a pandemic has brought new changes and the NHS is providing many opportunities to make the club more accessible and helpful. There are currently 64 members in the NHS and the group has brand new and different goals.
“We have an ongoing volunteer opportunity that we call the Study Group. Members of the NHS can sign up to be in-person or virtual tutors. Our Secretary Nathalia Pinto has created a website in which the members sign up for the meetings, but it also allows for students who need help with homework or assignments to sign up. Our virtual tutoring sessions consist of five separate channels in the NHS Team. There, up to five members (named group leaders) can start a meeting in which they will provide assistance to up to four students. These channels can vary in topic depending on who needs help, but they are typically separated by subjects. We encourage students to sign up for these tutoring sessions for any help they may need.”



The National Honor Society is not just good for the school, but also it is a great organization to be in for college applications. It is a great place where smart and creative young people get together help one another and come up with unique ideas that will help our community.
“The NHS is not a requirement for college, but when you have the NHS on your resume, it shows that you are a high achiever in academics, leadership, and community engagement,” NHS Vice President Evelyne Nshimirimana said. “Colleges see it as a commitment to your academics and community service.”
National Honor Society has a minimum requirement of 15 community hours per semester to stay involved. And they provide various opportunities for members to complete those hours, for instance, tutoring, donating, or doing community volunteer work.
“Alongside our amazing sponsor, Ms. Savoy, and my fellow officers, it is not only my plan as NHS President, but our plan as a team to accomplish one simple, yet crucial thing: Leave a mark at Wisdom High School,” NHS President Elhadji Toure said. “Over the years, more qualified members have been reluctant to join NHS, categorizing it as a “basic organization”. We want to set the bar higher and prove that what we do at NHS is as exceptional as its members. We want to give more community hours opportunities, provide the best service to our members with their help, and reinstall the pride that many had whenever they would state that they are NHS members. That is our vision, and I am proud to say that, so far, things have been going according to plan.”