Wisdom HS Super Tuesday Poll: 80% of Our Students Would Vote Against Trump; 35% Like Bloomberg & 33% Choose Sanders

Nashra Hassan, Editor

The Wisdom Chronicle recently conducted a paper ballot survey (poll) of our Class of 2020 – the seniors here at our school – about the upcoming Presidential Election in November. We asked the students for their choices on three questions, and according to the 200 Wisdom High School seniors that answered the poll, 80% of our senior class said that they would vote for any other candidate besides President Trump. Only 7% of our seniors said they would vote for Trump, to have four more years in office, while 13% had no opinion.
We then asked: “if voting for another candidate, would they vote for the Democratic nominee regardless of who wins the nomination?” and 73% replied yes, while 27% said they would want to vote for another Republican.
Finally, when the students were asked who they would vote for among the Democratic nominees right now – based on what they know about each candidate – the results were as follows:

Michael Bloomberg 35%
Bernie Sanders 33%
Joe Biden 17%
Amy Klobuchar 3%
Elizabeth Warren 3%
Tom Steyer 2%
Pete Buttigieg 1%