Coronavirus Quickly Becoming a Global Nightmare

Mara Nezami, Editor

More than 2,100 people have died from Coronavirus across the world. In my opinion, Coronavirus has become a massive public health crisis. This is really discouraging, and it frightens me all the time that this infectious disease could reach us here in Houston and at our schools.
There is no way to know how when and where you might become infected with it. The high school environment has a different feeling now, as most of us are slightly afraid to greet their friends the same way. I am afraid that this will affect our education system.
As a student in this situation, I have high expectations from our health department, and I am anticipating the plans that Houston ISD will take to help contain this situation. I believe that since it has now reached our country, we need to take it very seriously and take every action possible to prevent the spread.