Dreaming in English – Wisdom ESL Student Fast Tracks into Class of 21’s Top 10%

Mara Nezami, Online Editor

Jesus Benitez came to the U.S. only two years ago, when he and his mother sought a better educational opportunity in his life.
And since then, the junior here at Wisdom has accomplished a great deal in the little time he has been here. Jesus began his journey as an ESL student, but quickly managed to become eligible for AP classes. According to his first English teacher Ms. Marshall, his knowledge and interest to learn never ends with the final bell of the school day.
When Benitez first arrived, he went to Marshall with concerns about his inability to read well. But, he did an impressive job passing the tests and was enrolled in the second level of English.
“I met a young man who was industrious and had an insatiable thirst for learning that was evidenced by his unabashed question-asking,” Marshall said. “While it was obvious that he wanted to learn, he felt some insecurity about his reading. He and his mother related this to me at the Open House that year, so I tried to reassure them both that we would work to help him solidify his reading skills. He quickly became a star reader.”
Benitez is one of two boys on the Wisdom Starlettes dance team. He is always eager to learn and has quickly risen into the top 10% of students ranked in our Class of 2021.
“Ms. Marshall really played an important role in pushing me and encouraging me often,” Benitez said. “She believed in my ability to communicate and learn language skills from the first day she met me, but she wanted me to do the work by myself. I attribute most of my success to Ms. Marshall. Those were not just meaningless lessons. They were life-changing.”