School Safety Plans Remain High Priority at Wisdom & Within HISD

Shiza Ahmed, Reporter

All throughout the American public school system, gun-related violence in schools has become a pervasive issue due to an increase of related events in recent years. School shootings have taken place all across the country at every level from elementary schools to college campuses as well.

There are several factors that have led to gun-related violence becoming prevalent in schools. Students who are lacking positive reinforcement, may be more likely to develop patterns of aggressive behavior. Having anger or resentment towards others can also cause a lack of healthy relationships or academic struggles in school.

Recently, we here at Wisdom High School received a threat on social media. It created a brief wave of terror around the school, but our school administration & security enforcement handled it very well. “To handle situations like that, we always take precautions and we always take it seriously,” Principal Michelle Wagner said. “We were helped because our students immediately – without hesitation – said something to an adult and showed the threat on social media to us. We were on top of it within minutes.”

Counselors assist students in developing more positive constraints in their lives by acting as mentors, reinforcing student involvement in extracurricular activities, teams and clubs, communicating with parents and guardians, and creating a positive and accepting school climate in which students celebrate their differences. They also motivate students to promote a connection within the school, and help us recognize and build upon our strengths in order to achieve our personal goals.

As Houston ISD continues to explore measures to increase safety and security on school campuses, they want to hear from students as well. HISD has made an online form available on the district’s website for students to submit recommendations on how to improve campus safety and security. Just click on the featured button on the homepage or go to

HISD Communications has also produced a PSA video encouraging students to “See Something, Say Something” to raise awareness around school safety and to help promote the district’s anonymous tip line to report incidents. The district is committed to vigilantly protecting students and staff at schools. HISD will continue to evaluate security measures, as they regularly do, in order to maximize the safety of students and staff.

We as students, certainly appreciate this high level of concern for our safety, and that of our teachers as well. Every student knowing the “See Something, Say Something” strategy, is critical to securing our campuses.