From Failure to Success: Get That NG Out of Your Way

Angie Sanchez Reyes, Reporter

It’s always a shocker. You receive your report card, you look down, and see NG in one of your classes. It’s either depressing or embarrassing or both. For seniors that want to graduate, this can cause major panic.
NG stands for “no grade”. When students have more then three unexcused absences in a class, an NG is reported on the report card, indicating that the student will not receive credit for that class, even with a passing score. Sometimes, students forget that they’ve missed a particular class more than three times in a semester. Stuff happens.
To change that situation into your favor, you must be willing to attend NG Programs to recover the credit that you may lose.
Students who are interested in credit recovery should first meet with Ms. Washington and the attendance team to find out how many NG’s they have received. After communicating with Mrs. Washington, she will refer you to Saturday Credit Camp. NG Credit Camp is held from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm here at Wisdom.
It is most important that students be on time for that, or you will not be able to enter the room. NG Credit Camp scheduled dates are announced and posted throughout the semester. NG Credit Camp is held in the Grad Lab with Mrs. Littles, located in the Blue Neighborhood, room 1116.
NG Credit Camp was developed by the Attendance Appeal Committee. The camp offers the students the opportunity to appeal for the NG’s they have accrued from excessive absences for the semester or the previous school year. This gives students the chance to restore lost credits they need to meet HISD graduation requirements.