Outstanding Students: January 2020

By Roger Castro
Tanzila Sorathia is a freshman student at Wisdom High School. She was born in India and she’s one of the best student in Ms. Guerrero’s biology class. Ms. Guerrero states that “it is a pleasure to have Tanzila in class as she is always positive and ready to learn” and that she is “confident that Tanzila will achieve many great things in life, as she demonstrates an ability to persist and not give up when things get difficult”. What motivates her to do so well in the class, and as a student is her family, Her family always are motivating her to do better. They’re always telling her to do well in every place, specially school. Also she like the way Ms.Guerrero teach the class. she’s says at the beginning she didn’t like biology. Because she founded boring but now she really like everything that has to do with biology because she like the way of how plants, animal, and the human body work she says that she founded interesting how can a monkey and a human can be similar in some way and so different in others. Her dreams and goal for future are to be successful in life. One interesting fact about her is that know she loves biology.

By Andrea Morelos
Natalie Ortega is a senior at Wisdom High School she is in AP Statistics, and she is one of the best students in Mr. Alcantar class, she was born here in Houston, Texas. Something that motivates her to do well as a student and in AP stats class is “The possibility of a brighter future that lies ahead. Knowing I won’t always be stuck as a low-income student unable to help my parents, but I’ll actually be somebody not worrying about my financial situation.” Also, something that she says she enjoys about the subject and AP stats is “I like math and AP stats because math is just one giant logical puzzle that has many paths, but it will always lead you to one answer. AP statistics is also a challenge for me, but this is just another challenge of many of which I must overcome.” She also has dreams and goals for the future she stated “My dreams are just very simple and unclear as of now, I just want to attend a good university. I want to go out into the unknown world of college to discover myself all while still getting the best education possible.” Natalie is a very excellent and outstanding student and Mr. Alcantar had a few words about her, he stated “I have known her all four years of high school, and from the start she has been enthusiastic about being good in school and in math, she has overcome many obstacles in her life, and she will be doing great things.”

By Frank Davila
Lesly Zelaya Gomez is a sophomore here at Wisdom high school. She is one of the best students in Ms. Bottoms English II class, and Ms. Bottoms describes her as a bright student, with “a good head on her shoulders”.
Lesly is a super passionate student, who was born and raised in Houston, Texas. One of Lesly’s favorite subjects is English. “One thing I love the most about English is being able to find answers and understand the big pictures from a literature perspective,” Zelaya Gomez said. Lesly’s dream is to be a professional soccer player in Arsenal F.C and earn a spot in the U.S Women National soccer team. Her first goal, however, is to earn a scholarship to Stanford University and play soccer as a D1 athlete. She’s working hard right now, so that in the future, she’ll provide for her parents and her sisters, which is lifetime promise she made to herself.