Playing Soccer for Wisdom High School is a Privilege


Jose Aguila Cortez

The Wisdom Generals Varsity starting lineup as of January 2020

Jose Aguila Cortez, Reporter

The Soccer program here at Wisdom (Lee) High School has a long and storied history, filled with many triumphs and a 5A State Championship appearance as recently as in 2018. I feel extremely thrilled about being on our school soccer team because we have a lot of potential, and I think we can go a long way again this season.
Since I was a child, I’ve loved the game of soccer. So, it is what I have wanted for a long time – the chance to represent my school on the field. For the first time, I am playing for a big school, and all I think about is giving everything I have on the pitch and in training.
I am not the best player on the our team, but I try to give everything because to be the best, you have to do more than give your all. At Wisdom, there is a lot of soccer talent, so to improve you need to strive for excellence.
When I am on the field, I feel a very great security, because Coach Fidel creates a family culture, and we have a lot of support from the entire Wisdom student body, other team coaches, and staff that is greatly appreciated.
One of the best trainers who I have ever experienced within the course of a game is Coach Fidel, because he takes it to another level. He preaches to us about the touch of the ball, and how it needs to be precise directly to the foot of the player who receives the ball. You can’t make mistakes on the field, so he practices all kinds of touch drills either up close or from afar, his training is hard but not overly difficult and all he wants is for each of his players to learn every game tactic.
To play soccer at Wisdom high school is an honor, because we know that we must not only play with our feet, but also play with our minds, both on the field and off of it. Wearing the black and gold uniform is a privilege that not all students get.

Jose Aguila Cortez is a freshman midfielder on the Junior Varsity Soccer Team at Wisdom.