Reedy Providing a Fresh Spark to our Cheerleading Team

Angie Sanchez Reyes, Reporter

Key’Ara Reedy is 14 years old and originally from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She wants to make everyone proud including herself, that is what motivates her to do so well as a new Cheerleader here at Wisdom.
Being in cheer forced and encouraged her to always be at the top of the class as a cheerleader, because she must keep her grades up and be a leader to participate. 
“The best part of being a cheerleader, is being in such a diverse club,” Reedy said. “The love we share between one and another, helps me be brave enough to perform in front of people.”
Her dream is to actually become famous and earn a college scholarship, and then to go to college and to “do good deeds in life.”
Reedy’s favorite colors are pink and blue, and she loves strawberries.
“Key’Ara is a very dedicated cheerleader and always displays her best qualities. She is a fast learner is always willing to help others,” Coach Tamika Memnon said. “Key’Ara shows great leadership skills and works hard to improve her performances. She is an outstanding cheerleader and is one of our most spirited team members. I look forward to working with Key’Ara in the coming seasons as she shows great capabilities in the cheer world!”