Seniors Weigh-In on Life Plans After Graduation

Dina Arefaine , Reporter

As the Class of 2020 approaches their graduation ceremony – now just five months away – we checked in with a few of them to see what they are thinking about doing, once that diploma is in their hands.

Marsio Carbonetti

Marsio is a member of the Varsity Basketball team at Wisdom. “My goal after graduating high school is to go to college and study engineering, because that’s my dream.”  He wants to attend 4 years of college and his favorite subjects are Manufacturing, Business Management, Project Management, and Integrated Product Planning.

Amani Godfrey

Amani is a member of the Varsity Soccer team here at Wisdom. “I’m also interested in engineering,” said Godfrey. His GPA is 3.5 and he believes he is ready for college because of all his grades and his GPA are high enough, which provides him more opportunity to get into a good college.  He is currently taking Math, Science, English, Spanish, Law, Biology, and Economics. His goal is to finish high school and attend college as soon as possible.

Tiye Boddie

Tiye is a member of the Track & Cross Country teams at Wisdom. In addition to that, she is the best and fastest runner here at our school. “My goal after high school is to attend Sam Houston State University and study criminal justice, as well as go to Harvard Law School to become a Prosecutor.” College is significant for her because it’s the way that she can achieve her dreams of being a prosecutor. “My mother is my role model. She always pushes me to do better in life.” 

Charfy Abuku

Charfy is a senior who wants to go to her desired University. “I will succeed because my grades are all A’s and I always stay on task whenever I am in class.” She plans to take English, Chemistry, Physics, and Biology during her first year of college. Her dream is to become a Pharmacist, and her parents are her role models because – even while they try to raise a family – they are still taking college courses to gain more knowledge.