Rodriguez Brings Out the Best at Wisdom


Houston ISD Media

Daniel Rodriguez – Wisdom HS College Adviser

Shiza Ahmed, Reporter

To the Class of 2020 – Congratulations! You are close to the end; you are going to make it through the four years you never thought would end. You’ve endured the clothing standards, the tardies, and the unending extra-curricular that significantly made your secondary school experience extraordinary. As we anticipate the time spent preparing to graduate high school; your Advisers are breaking down evaluations, test scores, and grants, while proceeding to have discussions with every one of you during both group and individual gatherings.

Advisers give understudies of a lot of data, which is fundamental to their vocation. College guides assume a significant job in building a senior’s future plans. They make student’s college preparation simple and help them in getting ready for the next stage of life. Wisdom High School has an astounding, steady and capable adviser who gives his valuable time – Mr. Daniel Rodriguez – who has been contributing his part here at Wisdom High School for over 4 years as our College Counselor. He evaluates students and their phases of improvement (scholastic, vocation, and individual) and advances their development by deciding reasonable career undertakings, while also helping them in setting up sensible and achievable scholarly and professional objectives.

Mr. Rodriguez also helps students in distinguishing factors that add to the absence of scholarly progress, assists them with looking at options when objectives are unattainable, and applies fitting maintenance techniques to help student’s endeavors. He prompts understudies on the scholastic, professional and individual issues, distinguishes the instruction and vocation choices proper for every student and helps with the examination of every alternative, including potential results and their suggestions.

“I try to furnish our seniors with expansive and thorough information on college educational programs and course substance,” said Rodriguez. “I want to impart information to the seniors that they cannot get every day, and I try to make sure that they chip away at their college applications, FAFSA/TAFSA requirements, grant programs and different projects that are only available to seniors.”

Rodriguez arranges field trips for students to visit college campuses, to gain incredible knowledge of what life would look like if they were attend that school. The future will come soon enough, and Rodriguez tries to slow down the process, so that our seniors can make the best choice of their life.