Law Enforcement Students Visit the Texas Prison Museum

Wisdom Students visit the Texas Prison Museum

Wisdom Students visit the Texas Prison Museum

Mara Nezami, Editor

Correctional Services students here at Wisdom High School recently took a trip to the Texas Prison Museum near Huntsville. The main purpose of the trip was to give the students the opportunity to experience and learn about different aspects of prison history. CTE teacher Ms. Jacqueline Sayavedra Escobar chose this trip to help the students understand her Law Enforcement class better.

Ms. Sayavedra took students from different grade levels who are currently taking the correctional services course to attend this beneficial trip. It was the first time the Wisdom Generals had ever visited the Prison Museum near Huntsville. One of the greatest advantages of the trip was learning numerous historical prison systems and torture devices.

“The Texas Prison Museum is part of correctional services, and it’s one of the most important prisons in Texas history,” Sayavedra Escobar said. “It was a fantastic experience, because the students got to see the electric chair, and the lethal injection room, which helps the students understand the prison aspect better.”

The Electric Chair

Many of the students who went on the trip. also highly suggest that other students should visit this Museum. One interesting aspect of the experience is that visitors can wear a striped shirt and take a selfie behind a jail cell wall for only a dollar.

“I enjoyed every minute of our field trip, it was my first time visiting a real jail”, Junior Mariam Abdul Rahimzai said. “This trip was helpful, because we learned about different kinds of weapons, the way that inmates communicate by writing letters, and many other things. The most real-life lesson I learned was to never attempt any criminal activity, because prison life is horrible.”