New Wave of Teachers Arrive at Wisdom

Wisdom High School is known for being one of the most diverse high schools in Houston. It has been fortunate to have diverse students and staff, and this year, we have introduced close to a dozen new teachers.

The Wisdom Chronicle had a chance to interview several of them: Mr. Tony Patterson (English); Mr. Sergio Romero (Math); Mr. Lewei Mo (Pre-AP Algebra 2); Mr. Frank Alderete (Welding); Mr. Kevin Jones (Band), Ms. Rebeca Reyna (Criminal Justice) & Mrs. Thibodeaux (Computer Science).

JONES – Band           
Mr. Kevin Jones graduated from Morris Brown College in Atlanta, GA. He recently worked at Texas A&M University in College Station, and he is most excited to work to develop an innovative band program that will allow students the option to attend any university in the world. His favorite thing about teaching is “the joy of helping others experience music.” His hobbies are reading, spending time with his family, RV vehicles, and publishing books. During summer break, he has fun with family traveling around the world.


MO – Physics     

Mr. Lewei Mo graduated from Guangxi High School in China, and from Jilin University also in China. He started teaching Pre-AP Algebra 2 at George Ranch High School in Lamar ISD. He sees his students are smart and can master the concepts of physics very well. His favorite thing about teaching is when his students understand the concepts and can solve problems. “I feel very happy,” Mr. Mo said. When he was younger, he thought about being a physics teacher, and his hobbies are walking his dog. He loves to spend his summer break traveling to different and exciting new places.


MORIN – Theater     

Mr. Martin Morin graduated from the University of Texas in Austin TX. He recently worked in Alief ISD- Killough Middle School in Houston TX. He is most excited to work “Around individuals who want to learn and are excited about their future,”. His favorite thing about teaching is the students and his hobbies are running, staying active, music, dance, reading, concerts, plays and movies. During summer breaks he likes to travel and improve on himself.


PATTERSON – English 3     

Mr. Patterson graduated from Oklahoma Christian The University of Oklahoma City. He previously worked at Al Wahda Private school of The United Arab Emirates as the principle of the American section. He is most excited to teach our diverse “Like the United Nations student,”. His favorite things about teaching are building self _ confidence in students and being a part of their success. Since he speaks 4 different languages, he uses his free time learning the fifth one. His hobbies are Martial Arts, learning languages, dancing, music, cooking, and traveling around the world.


ROMERO – Algebra 1       

Mr. Sergio Romero graduated from Austin High School and the University of Houston. He recently taught at Southwest High School. Mr. Romero is excited to teach Wisdom Generals once again after eight years. He likes to spend his holidays sleeping and traveling. His favorite thing about teaching is math, puzzles, and patterns. He always thought of being a math teacher since high school. Mr. Romero’s hobbies are movies, soccer, basketball, and football.


THIBODEAUX – Computer Science         

Mrs. Thibodeaux has graduated from Prairie View A&M University Prairie View TX. She recently worked at a Senior Software Developer, Information Technology Industry. She is most excited about working with such a unique and diverse population. Her favorite thing about teaching is   “Encouraging students to learn computer science, seeing my students enjoy and achieve in class.” Her hobbies are watching movies, dancing, calligraphy, cooking. She loves to spend her vacation with her children.


REYNA – Criminal Justice     

Ms. Rebeca Reyna graduated from Sam Houston State University, Huntsville Tx St and  Mary’s University School of Law, San Antonio, Tx. She recently taught at Austin, Tx.“I am excited about teaching the subject matter Criminal Justice, and the support from several faculty and staff,”  Ms. Reyna said. Her favorite thing about teaching is sharing her knowledge with students which is rewarding. As a teacher, she has the privilege to support and inspire students’ dreams and futures. Her hobbies are reading, traveling, dancing, and volunteering. She loves spending her summer breaks with students on field trips to learn more about several different occupations throughout the criminal justice field, also she likes spending with family and friends.


ALDERETE – Welding

Mr. Alderete Frank graduated from B.F TERRY High School but he did not attend any university. The idea of becoming a welder has been in his mind and was encouraging him since high school. He has been teaching at Houston Community College previously. He is excited about teaching because”Its diversity and this job give me the opportunity to meet the new talented students”. He loves playing guitar and likes to spend his holidays at his favorite place Hawaii.