The Truth Behind Our Screens


Mara Nezami and Dina Arafaine

Understanding teenagers and technology can seem a little overwhelming. Today teens are so closely connected to their phones or their technology devices, that they forget to eat right, sleep enough, and do the daily school work they are responsible for.
To begin with, let’s give a summary of what the technology is that we are talking about. The description of the technology is science or knowledge settled into practical use to solve problems or invent useful devices. In this case, it is the laptop computer that has been given to us by HISD to use for school work and in class, and the easy access that we all have to our mobile phone device.
“Technology convinces and engages the student in independent studies,” Wisdom Spanish Teacher Fidel Andrade said. “We use it here at school every day because it’s a new way of learning. Students can use technology to develop their ideas, projects, presentations, and educational videos.”
Although there are many beneficial ways of using technology, unfortunately, students are not using technology in the right way all the time. Many are just using it for having fun. So, what is the truth behind the screens?
These days, technology companies are receiving a huge benefit and unbelievable growth all because of teenagers’ usage, especially the technology company Apple. Since students are using their phones all the time, they can’t leave their phones, even during the class.
“I can communicate with my friends and family members who live far away from me, and I get news from them online,” Junior Evelyne Nshimirimana said.
Many students have begun blocking the hands-on use of cell phones, with the screen of their laptop computer, to give their teachers the idea that they are typing on the laptop. Sometimes it can feel like teenagers and their technology are inseparable.
“You can choose to use technology a certain amount of time, but sometimes you get addicted to it at the point where you have to use it every day,” Junior Alivera Bukuru said.

Based on “teenagers’ lives revolve around their phones and technology” and technology has a lot of risks for them.

Potential risks for teenagers are:

    • Cyberbullying
    • Trolling
    • Isolation
    • Inappropriate material
    • Inappropriate relationships

In the end, technology can be very useful as a learning enhancement. But the reality here at Wisdom High School is that too many students abuse this privilege and take advantage of the internet for personal entertainment.