The Freshman Culture Shock of High School

Wisdom High school students

Wisdom Chronicle

Wisdom High school students

Angie Sanchez Reyes, Reporter

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During middle school, I was very calm about my school environment. Unfortunately, I heard many people criticizing the behavior of high school students. Hearing all of those negative thoughts and opinions about high school made me feel nervous and very awkward.
Graduating from middle school and entering high school became a nightmare for me. Once I enrolled here at Wisdom, my legs were quivering and my heart was beating really fast from seeing an enormous population of diverse students. Fortunately, it wasn’t what I had anticipated or heard about. It is a different environment than middle school, but you have more opportunities to reach your goals here, and it is not as scary as I initially thought it might be.
For the students in 8th grade now, when you enroll in high school as a freshman, here is some advice: stay out of the gossip; mind your own business; do not stare at students’ faces; watch out for fake friends; and most importantly – keep your grades up! Stay out of trouble and you will succeed in high school.