Inside the Empathy Without Borders Club


Shiza Ahmed, Reporter

While empathy is a right brain activity, it is far from being a touchy-feely topic. At its core, empathy is the ability to identify and understand another’s situation, feelings and motives. Empathy means: “putting yourself in the other person’s shoes” or “seeing things through someone else’s eyes.”

The aim for Empathy Without Borders is to spread peace among all different groups of people. The club was created last year by inspiring students on campus who wished peace and unity. They wish to welcome one another to share our cultural and religious uniqueness with all; be content with who we are as human being and share knowledge with each other. They intend to reach mutual respect and understanding regarding their morals and beliefs, build bridges between the vastness of students and teachers and clear any stereotypes and misconceptions about them on campus and beyond.

Last year at Empathy Without Borders, they hosted multiple events, whether it was fundraising or a multicultural day. They went all around the world with “Dress up day” and “National food day”. They also hosted an Iftar-our greatest achievement.

“We intend to help people belonging to different cultures and religions to be proud of who they are,” President Fatima Tanvir said. “Express themselves in a manner which represents their true selves. I believe this is our most important value at Empathy Without Borders.”

The club will soon be announcing the positions for this year for Vice President, Director for Special Projects, Treasurer, Public Relations Manager, Spanish Public Relations Manager and Club Coordinator – in their next meeting. In their weekly meetings, they discuss their long-term and short-term goals; what tasks they need to carry out for the next week and how they shall enjoy their time. They are looking forward to seeing you in their future meetings and if you’re willing to be a member and sign up, then please contact Mrs. Wagma or Mrs. Toure.

Email: [email protected]