Wisdom Wood Shop Builds Unique Items & Holiday Gifts That Are Now For Sale


Wisdom Chronicle

Picnic Table

Megan Rose, Online Editor

Here at Wisdom High School, our new Wood Shop CTE teacher Mr. Guillory has been busy overseeing his students as they’ve built some very unique and interesting items, that they are now selling at amazingly low prices. They do this in order to recuperate some of the costs of purchasing the wood.

Some of the items that have been built in the shop by students are: Picnic Tables, Benches, Adirondack Chairs, Bird Houses, Towel Racks, Bottle Cap Holders, Corn Hole Boards and Range Covers. Shown below are pictures, and the price that each item costs.

Picnic Tables: $60

Wisdom Chronicle
Picnic Table

Benches: $25

Wisdom Chronicle

Wooden Adirondack Chairs: 2 for $50

Megan Rose
Adirondack Chair

Corn Hole Boards: $40 for a set of 2


Bird Houses: $5-$10 each

Megan Rose
Bird Houses

Bottle Cap Holders: $2-$5

Megan Rose
Bottle Cap Holders

Towel Racks: $25

Wisdom Chronicle
Towel Racks

Range Covers: $20-$30

For those wondering what the wood shop elective class is, it’s a woodworking class that includes cabinet making, furniture, and wood carving. Students work, design, and create many things that we see and use today, and may involve lots of hands on learning.

“Wood shop can be important because it encourages creativity, trains the eye and hand to see accurately and to feel the sense of beauty in form, and can also instill a pride of accomplishment and self esteem,” Guillory said. “It helps builds your confidence, strength of character and is also a class many students enjoy.”