Our Students of the Month: October 2019

Wisdom Student Media

Wisdom News Staff

Mara Nezami – 11th Grade – CTE

Mrs. Smith has selected Mara Nezami for her CTE Business Student of the Month. Mara is from Afghanistan and was born in Kabul. Even though business is not her endorsement, having a teacher like Ms. Smith who encourages her every day and the interesting computer programs given to her, encourage Mara to work harder to get involved in the class. She likes the friendly environment of the classroom, and her goal is to finish high school within the top 10% of students and attend Rice University with a full scholarship. Her dream is to become a dentist and work for her parents, who sacrificed all of their life for her. An interesting fact about Mara, is that she works hard to get what she wants and doesn’t give up no matter what it takes to achieve her goal.

Brooke Hoskin – 10th Grade -JROTC

Brooke was born in Houston and really enjoys being in the JROTC. “This class is beneficial for me, because it helps me develop my personality, and they encourage me the most to work harder in this class,” Hoskin said. She loves to travel.

Joseph Schecber – 10th Grade – ESL

Joseph Schecber has been chosen by Ms. Fletcher as the Student of the Month for ESL English class. He is from Haiti, and was born at Fort Liberte. What motivates Joseph to do well in class is helping others by understanding himself. It’s a hard class for him, but he still wants to be better and learn more. He likes to take the spelling test every Friday because “every word I can spell, and I can write it.” His dream is to be a soccer player or to be in architecture in the future and he is working hard to achieve that.

Belesy Agustin – 9th Grade – Science

Belesy Agustin in Ms. Guerrero’s Student of the Month for Science. Agustin is from Guatemala, and she explains that Ms. Guerrero explains things to her well and that motivates her to be better at her task. She likes the topics of prokaryotes and eukaryotes, and her future goal is to be a doctor. She describes herself as a person who likes to help others and she feels happy helping people.

Eliana Lima – 11th Grade – Social Studies

Junior Eliana Lima has been rewarded as the Student of the Month for her outstanding and hard work in the Social Studies department by Mr. Gregory. She was born at St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands. Challenges do not stop her, but they encourage her to do better and work harder. “I try to seize learning opportunities when I get them, and because History is more challenging for me, it makes me want to try harder,” Eliana said. She likes to see politics in action and watch how they evolve. She enjoys “the interactive learning dynamic, it makes information easier to process and it keeps you thinking.” Eliana has a passion for writing, but wants to follow in her family’s steps and try to get involved in business.

Sayed Hussaini – 9th Grade – Math

Sayed is a freshman from Kabul, Afghanistan and has been living in the U.S. for 4 years. His motivation comes from his older brother because “my big brother got all A’s and set a high bar, and I want to live up to it.” Sayed had an amazing 8th-grade teacher that influenced him to get more enjoyment from math and science, and to try and rival his brother. He also plans to go to college somewhere far out of state, and plans to get a Bachelor’s degree in Science.