The Pearls Club: Shining Brightly

The PEARLS Club at their fundraiser selling sweets & candy

Wisdom Chronicle

The PEARLS Club at their fundraiser selling sweets & candy

Josselyne Ramirez, Reporter

The Pearls Club offers young ladies an opportunity to have fellowship with one another, as well as an opportunity to learn, grow, and develop socially, emotionally and academically. They provide a safe space where girls can voice their real life problems and find positive solutions to the situations teens face in the new generation.

For anyone interested in joining the Pearls, they are always looking for new members. You don’t need anything for this club in specific, all you need to do is fill out an application and get your parent or guardian signature, because this club provides things such as field trips and different events in the community.

“Pearls is a very fun organization, we go on field trips, we do great community service; we have lots of fun,” Ms. Savoy said. “One of our events, we hosted a breakfast for the teachers and the Pearls cooked the food. We have cooking classes, where we encourage one another. If someone is looking for something fun, they should join this club, because it will help them academically and socially.”

If you want to join the Pearls, you need to be able to stay after school on Thursdays. This year, they are also considering starting a lunch Pearls club, for girls who have to work after school or have any kind of difficulty staying late. This club has already started, but you can still join. Please see Ms. Savoy for more details.