Athlete Profiles: Volleyball’s Travisa Griffen & Football’s Jesus Pacheco


Wisdom Chronicle

Griffen & Pacheco

Dina Arefaine & Princess Outtara, Reporters

Travisa Griffen – VOLLEYBALL
Travisa is a Wisdom High School Volleyball player who is working hard trying to get a scholarship, and to achieve what she wants for her future. She wants to accomplish her goals by working hard, getting straight A’s, passing all the STAAR test, and most of all work towards getting a degree in Criminal Justice. She likes to sing and do theater and acting in her free time, and she also enjoys playing soccer.

“The person that got me interested in volleyball was my 7th grade coach Ms. Regas,” said Griffen. Travisa learned how to play volleyball during her middle school years at Paul Revere and she started playing because some of friends did it as well. She can see herself playing volleyball in the future “if I want to. But I just play for fun right now.” Mikayla Vivens and Ashtyn Richey are two of her role models.

“I think my teammates are hard workers, they try to help each other and are caring, very smart and pay attention in class,” Griffen said. “On the court even when we are losing a match, we never give up.”

Jesus Pacheco – FOOTBALL
Jesus, who also goes by J.P, is a senior on the WHS football team. When Jesus was younger, all he and his family knew about was soccer – it was a part of their hispanic culture. He grew up watching and playing soccer.
Jesus is more on the broad side when it comes to his body shape, so people started to tell him that he should take an interest in football. So, one day he was watching a football practice at his local YMCA and decided to join. At age 9, his mother enrolled him on the team and from there he continued to learn and play.

The current season for the Generals has been tough, but Jesus keeps a positive attitude and continues to push forward. “Every year there is always improvement, but there is always room for more,” said Pacheco. “The team always puts in their best effort, even when the odds are against us.”

Mostly his position is on defense, but this year, he is even playing a little bit of offensive line. Jesus is a student athlete who always puts school first, and makes sure that all of his grades are up, and his GPA is intact. He believes in himself and his teammates, on and off the field.