Dance Group “FDM Swagg” Features Two Wisdom Seniors

Shiza Ahmed, Reporter

Being a dancer is hard work, spending hours and hours of work for only a tiny bit of progress. It’s really no joke at all, but if you’ve stuck with it then you know that all those magical breakthrough moments make the less-than-glamorous stuff totally worth it. Here at Wisdom ISD we saw a dance group called “F.D.M. Swagg” also known as the “5 African Guys” who have been dancing since childhood.

This group is made up by: Terrance Ntawigiria, Moses Wilondja , Fidel Longa , Munga Akili and Askul Akili. Wilondja and Ntawigiria are seniors at Wisdom High school whereas the other 3 have already been graduated. The group doesn’t take dance as an exercise, but as an art. “F.D.M. Swagg” started as just 3 members on YouTube in 2017. Their dream is to get recognized out of the state and even in foreign countries. They as a team performs at different events on various kind of music including afro, dubstep and many more.

They have uploaded videos with amazing cinematography and effects. A #cashmeoutside Challenge video got 100+ views and now their YouTube account gets more than 3k views a video. They say they also need a sponsor that will help them in getting more resources to level up their interest. As they practice for hours just to get in sync and perform more better in front the audience. They shoot videos in local areas and then get it edit by one of the teammates.

“We also have school work to do, so we try our best to keep our studies and interest so they don’t affect us,” Ntawigiria said.

It shows that even though after being a die heart dancer, they are managing their time very well as they handle everything together i.e studies, performances, rehearsals and personal life. They are also planning to give dances classes to others so they can spread their styles and get known.