The Importance of our Dress Code & Student ID’s


Jordan Jones

Two Wisdom students are shown with the proper dress code and also wearing their student ID's.

Jordan Jones and Dina Arafaine

By Jordan Jones –
Here at Wisdom High School, students are required to follow a certain dress code. Our school shirts are required to be worn every day, and they are for sale to purchase for $15.00. According to your grade level, students need to wear different colored shirts: Freshman, Sophomores & Juniors can wear green, maroon or grey, while Seniors wear gold.
“Students should be allowed to express themselves by what they wear,” Assistant Principal Cabrera said. “But the dress code also helps keeps things organized here.”
Wearing uniforms can not only help create equality, but it can also instill pride and unity for the students. When wearing uniforms, students can often feel more important, showing that they belong to our school. Uniforms provide a sense of belonging, and no one stands out among the crowd, making some students feel more reassured and less anxious.
Another important dress code that students need to be aware of, is that students at Wisdom, are not allowed to wear any jeans with rips, holes, or tears, and skirts and shorts must not be too high above the knee.
“A good number of students follow the dress code, however, the freshmen follow the dress code the best,” said Cabrera.
Remember to always stay in dress code Wisdom Generals!

STUDENT ID’s – By Dina Arefaine
Many students ask – why do we have to wear our ID’s around our necks at school every day?
ID’S are important because they are used to identify who you are. For example, without ID’s – teachers and school staff wouldn’t be able to identify whether you are a student who goes to this school or not.
Houston ISD has been printing and issuing student ID’s for the last two weeks in the auditorium, where Mr. Aguilar – our school safety supervisor – helped take the pictures and ensure all students had their ID’s on time.
“It would be a problem to not have any identification, in a school full of students, children, teachers and administrators, because it comes back to identifying who an intruder might be,” said Aguilar. Without an ID, it’s hard to know who a random person is, compared to a student.”
We also questioned him on his opinion, whether he believes that only Wisdom High school has strict rules about the importance and safety of students having their ID’s on.
“No, there are a lot of other campuses within HISD that require ID’s on at all times besides ours,” Aguilar said. ” For instance, Lamar and Bellaire have the same policies in place as Wisdom.”
Students need to have a better understanding as to why it’s so important to wear your ID, and where the problem can occur when it is not on.
“The problem starts because students think that it’s not cool to wear it. They are trying to fit in with everyone, and by doing that, they are forgetting that we cannot recognize and memorize every student’s face. We might think you are an intruder. So, you must wear it at all times to protect you and the people around you.”