Starlettes Dance Team Named for 2019-20


Wisdom Starlettes

Ivan Chavez, Staff Reporter

The 2020 Wisdom Starlettes Dance Team tryouts were recently held. Coach Witter has named the following dancers to the roster: Captain Jeanette Rodriguez, 1st Lieutenant Laisha Roquemore, 2nd Lieutenant Uriel Benitez, Luis Espinosa, Divine Umohoza, Alexandra Fajardo, Rosalinda Bueno, Alays Vicente, Sara Santana, Mashona Davis, Natalie Rosas, Ivonne Rodriguez.

“Joining our dance team gives students a sense of belonging and school spirit,” Coach Witter said. “They also get a chance to perform on multiples occasions. It’s a great way to meet new friends.”

Second Lieutenant Uriel Benitez loves being a part of the squad. “The Dance Team gives you the opportunity to be with a diverse group of teammates,” Benitez said. “The fact that you spend most of your time with them, helps you get along with each other. It’s like a family. You get to exercise, have fun, and learn how to control your anger, stress, and emotions through the dance movement. And if you are good enough and work hard, you might also be able to earn a scholarship.”

Another current member of the team Sara Santana, is equally excited. “If you have the passion to dance and you are committed, the Starlettes are the right group for you,” Santana said.