Wisdom CTE Team Aces the Skills USA State Competition

Staff Reports

The Wisdom High School Career & Technology Education Team had 17 students capture first place ribbons in one of the Skills USA State Championship events at the State of Texas high school competition held in Corpus Christi, Texas, April 5-7.
Seventeen different Generals earned a score of 300 in the Employment Portfolios category, to earn first place in the state of Texas.
In addition, the Wisdom Welding Team finished in 3rd Place overall, while eight other Generals brought home medals by placing among the top three competitors in Technical Testing individual events. Brooke Hoskin won a silver medal in Customer Service, with seven others earning bronze medals.
“Our team teacher leaders – including Jennifer Sanchez, Nicolette Stevens, Eridani Alcantar, Lisa Jasek, Brittney Morrison, Barani Gopannan and Carl Seales – did an outstanding job and provided a wonderful experience for our students,” said Assistant Principal Sandra Garza. “All of our CTE teachers here at Wisdom worked hard to prepare our Generals for this competition, and the results showed. They made our entire school community proud.”

1ST PLACE: Vicky Papanelopoulos, Abdul Feraidon, Donovan Smith, Jesus Benitez, Helena Moshi, Alejandra Mananares, Virginia Iradukunda, Brooke Hoskin, Syed Faridi, Lesly Zelaya, Mwamba Mlondani, Melani Zuniga, Jordy Benitez, Pablo Flores, Farida Ismail, Daysi Hernandez, Tuqa Al Qasi

3RD PLACE TEAM: Tony Webb, Gexell Soria, Austin Alexander

Silver in Customer Service: Brooke Hoskin
Bronze in Criminal Justice: Tuqa Al Qasi
Bronze in Customer Service: Jesus Benitez
Bronze in Customer Service: Daysi Hernandez
Bronze in Customer Service: Helena Moshi
Bronze in Customer Service: Donovan Smith
Bronze in Customer Service: Vicky Papanelopoulos
Bronze in Basic Health Care: Pablo Flores