El Salvadorian Classmates Reunite at Wisdom Six Years Later


Wisdom Chronicle

Esperanza (right) ran into Sibrian (left) on her first day at the old Lee High School.

Jenny Esperanza, Reporter

I remember coming to the United States in 2016, and when I entered my first American school in August of that same year. My mom and I were sitting at the old Lee High School building and waiting in the auditorium for my new class schedule, when a school administrator said, “it is time for second period to start, you can go to this classroom.” I remember getting lost, but I asked another student for help and found my way. But, I was scared and nervous.

I entered the room with my eyes half closed, looking for the first open desk I could find. When I looked up, I saw my new teacher Mr. Reed welcoming me. “Welcome to your English class, please take a seat.” I sat down in the second row, without talking to anyone. A few minutes later, I felt someone touching my shoulder, and as I turned around to see who it was, I was totally shocked to recognize his face. It was my friend Alexander Sibrian.

Alex and I had gone to elementary school together from kindergarten to third grade, at Complejo Educativo San Arturo School, in La Libertad, El Salvador. It had been a few years since I had seen him, but I recognized him immediately, and it was amazing to see his face once again.

He asked me how I had been doing and I asked him the same question. We talked a lot more and he introduced me to his friends here at our new high school in Houston, Texas. It felt so good to know at least one person here. Alex asked me for my class schedule, and we realized that we also had another class together, and the same lunch period. I felt so happy to see him, because I knew I wasn’t going to have to take on this new responsibility of high school in America alone.

In the following days and weeks, Alex and I have always talked to one another and reminisced about our days in elementary school together in El Salvador. We share our stories about how we both came to the U.S. and have learned about the different paths our families took to get here. But I’m so thankful that we were led to the exact same place, because he is still my friend, and because of him, I will never forget my first day of school in America.