When the Student Becomes the Teacher


Wisdom Chronicle

Reyna (left); Jasek (right)

Angel Martinez, Reporter

** New Wisdom CTE Criminal Justice Instructor Was Counselor’s Former Pupil **

Thanks to a chain of events that recently took place here at Wisdom High School, we have welcomed Ms. Rebecca Reyna as our new Criminal Justice CTE teacher. First, following the departure of one of our counselors Mrs. Broadnax, Mr. Trinh needed to fill that opening. When Mrs. Jasek – a new CTE teacher here at Wisdom – expressed interest in the opportunity, Trinh was open to the idea, as long as Jasek could help him find a certified teacher to take over in her classroom.
“I knew what kind of student Rebecca was, because I taught her several years ago and I thought maybe teaching might be something she would be would be great at,” said Jasek. “So, when I called her with the opportunity, and explained what she would need to do, she was at least open to hearing more. That was a good sign.”
So, as Jasek began transitioning into her counseling role, Reyna began getting her alternative certification to become a teacher. She began her first teaching job just a few short weeks ago here at Wisdom, when she took over in Mrs. Jasek’s Criminal Justice classroom.
After graduating from Moody High School in Corpus Christi, where she was a student in Jasek’s class, she then attended Sam Houston State University in Huntsville and St. Mary’s University School of Law in San Antonio.
After earning her Masters, Reyna started working at a private law firm to pursue her law degree. But now, she is welcoming this new opportunity in her life, and thankful that Mrs. Jasek called her. “I am really excited about teaching this subject matter – Criminal Justice – because I know it very well,” said Reyna. “As a teacher, I get the privilege of inspiring students and their dreams for the future.”
Reyna’s hobbies include reading, traveling, dancing, and volunteer work. She hopes to take students on field trips to learn about the several different occupations within the criminal justice field, during summer breaks.
“Mrs. Jasek is amazing, she was beyond inspirational to me. She made learning fun and genuinely cared about my well-being, and she went above and beyond to ensure I succeeded in my dream. She is still the most favorite teacher I have ever had, and I hope to be like her someday.”