Wisdom Advances 30 Generals to SKILLS USA Texas State Finals

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Wisdom Advances 30 Generals to SKILLS USA Texas State Finals

Wisdom HS

Wisdom HS

Wisdom HS


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Wisdom High School has advanced 30 students to the Texas State Finals of the Skills USA Competition, to be held in Corpus Christi April 4-7, 2019.

Congratulations to the following students and teachers/mentors for their dedication and guidance.

Related Technical Math
1st place: Ethan Song
2nd place: Aaron Ni

Welding Project/Welding Portfolio and BEST of Show

1st place TEAM: Gexell Soria, Tony Webb & Austin Alexander
2nd place TEAM: Mario Garcia, Dracen Garcia & Greyvin Gonzalez

Computer Programming
3rd place: Elhadi Toure

First Aid/CPR
3rd place: Cruz Dominguez

Job Demonstration “O”
2nd place: Elhadi Toure

Employment Portfolio-Criminal Justice/Law
1st place: Tuqa Al Qaysi, Farida Ismail, Pablo Flores & Daysi Hernandez
2nd place: Yasmin Flores

Employment Portfolio—Customer Service
1st place: Vicky Papanelopoulas, Jordy Benitez, Virginia Iradukunda, Syed Faridi, Yakilin Puac, Donovan Smith, Mwamba Mlondani, Helena Moshi, Alejandra Manzanares, Lesly Zelaya, Hoba Nezami, Jesus Benitez, Faraidon Abdul, Brooke Hoskin, Melani Zuniga, Leul Tefera, Arsema Mehari, Araceli Loeza, Jada Combs
3rd place: Duot Ajang, Terry Turner

Cabinet Making
1st Place: Victor Arreola