Students of the Month for February 2019


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The Wisdom High School Students of the Month for February 2019

Wisdom High School Honors Their Students of the Month for February 2019

Sidra Hassan – 10th Grade – English Language Arts
Sidra is a sophomore who is originally from Karachi, Pakistan and came to the United States when she was in middle school. We asked her what her motivation is to do so well in Ms. Bottoms & Mrs. Blansit’s English class. “Learning language is thrilling to me, therefore, whenever I am immersed in any language, such as English, I enjoy the challenge it provokes,” she said. Sidra appreciates the reading aspect of English class. Her dream is to be totally satisfied and happy once she accomplishes her personal legend. But, she jokingly says, “I am terrorized by my younger sister!”

Nashra Hassan – 9th Grade – Science (Biology)
Nashra is the younger sister of Sidra, as both students were honored this month. Nashra loves her biology class taught by Mrs. James because it is related to humans, animals and the entire atmosphere. What motivates her in Science is “that it’s the class in which I learn the most in,” Nashra said. Her dreams and goals for the future are to become involved in mathematics and technology. Both Nashra & Sidra are members of the Wisdom UIL Academic Team.

Adamarys Cruz Madiedo – 11th grade – Spanish (Electives)
Adamarys is from Cuba and she is motivated mainly by family and doing her best for her mother. “She always says that I forget Spanish, but I do not think that is true.” She loves writing in general and having the opportunity to get a better grade, filling her notebook with written Spanish, and listening to Ms. Arismendi’s different lectures. Her dreams and goals for the future are to graduate from high school, go to college and become someone that my eight-year-old self would be proud of. “I always find a way to make things look better, specifically, I see the good side of all obstacles and work through them in the hope of overcoming them, instead of giving up.”

Cecil Anunobi – 12th grade – Social Studies
Cecil is originally from Nigeria and she enjoys her AP Macro Economics class with Ms. McQuiggin and AP Psychology with Mr. Bard. “Knowing that doing my work in class moves me a step closer to my goals in my life, I am very motivated and that makes me feel good.” Cecil likes Macroeconomics because it teaches about the United States economy, and she enjoys Psychology because it deals with the brain and our mental state of mind. Her dream is to become a general surgeon and she wants to own her own hospital someday. She also likes to study about Asian countries.

Sandra Garcia – 9th Grade – ESL
Sandra is from Guatemala and is an English-language learner in Mr. Reed’s class. “It is good for me to learn this other language, so that I can talk to others and one day get a job.” Mr. Reed’s class is teaching her English as a new language, so that Sandra can have “a better future”. Her goal is to graduate high school, go to college, and become a doctor. She believes that by studying and learning English, it will shape her entire future as a bilingual professional.

Pablo Flores – 9th Grade – Mathematics (Algebra)
Pablo is from El Salvador and enjoys math because he tries to “study it, learn new things, and never give up on the problem solving”. He says that Mr. Caldera’s Algebra class helps him organize things and that everything has a pattern. He wants to become a Social Studies teacher, but only a few years ago, he dreamed of serving in the U.S. Navy. “But then, I changed my mind.”