Wisdom HS to host Community Council Meeting: Monday, Jan. 28 @ 4:30 pm

Jennifer Esperanza, Reporter

Wisdom High School would like to invite their surrounding community members to participate in a Community Council meeting on Monday, January 28 from 4:30 – 6:00 pm in the library at Wisdom High School. This will be the first of several meetings on a regular basis, on the last Monday of each month.

The objective of the community council meeting is to discuss, address and provide solutions based on the specific needs of our students and families at Wisdom High School. The committee acts as a backbone organization that evaluates service providers, provides conflict resolution, and evaluates measurements of alignment and accountability; it determines, co-ordinates and reflects the views of the community which it represents, and liaise with other community groups within the area to fairly express the diversity of opinions and outlooks of the people; it also promotes the well-being of the community and foster a community spirit; and is a means whereby the people of the area shall be able to voice their opinions on any matter affecting their lives, their welfare, their environment, its development and amenity.

“I am confident that your participation will allow us to move towards a direction that benefits our community and come up with strategies to address them,” said Wisdom Wraparound Resource Specialist Wagma Isaqzoy, M.A.

The members include but are not limited to parents, students, teachers, principals, community residents, civic organizations, local government, elected officials, public service agencies, faith-based organizations, business and community groups, after-school programs providers, museums and other cultural institutions, grant-making foundations, and financial contributors.