Pair of Houston Cougars Become Wisdom Generals

Caylin & Amy Brashear

Nzinga Boddie, Reporter

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Math teacher Caylin Brashear is in his first year here at Wisdom, while Social Studies teacher Amy Delpha is in her third year. But what you might not know about them, is that they happen to be married to one another.
“Being able to work at the same school has been a pleasant experience so far,” said Brashear. “I’d hesitate to use the phrase “work together” because our departments do not often co-mingle, so it’s a positive situation in large part because we aren’t often put upon to contradict, manage, or conflict with one another.”
When we spoke to each of them separately, they had similar answers about the advantages and disadvantages of teaching classes at the same school. Even though they work in the same building, they both agreed that they barely see each other throughout the day.
“Some of our fellow teachers find it a bit odd that we really don’t communicate with one another during school hours,” said Delpha. “The biggest challenge of working together is handling our needs outside of school. Our schedules are more constricted now than they were before, so when the need arises when we have to miss time at work to handle things for our family, we’ve lost that flexibility because we have the same schedule.”
One thing they both liked about the situation was that they can now use the two-person HOV lane, when commuting to Wisdom from the Northwest Houston area where they live. The couple met while both were attending the University of Houston. When asked if they had ever imagined working together, “There was a vague hint of this happening when we got married – just not of it happening in education,” Brashear said. “There always was the possibility of us being transferred to locations near each other, but never the same place,” Delpha said.
As a matter of fact, they are not the only married couple teaching here at Wisdom. Mrs. James & Mr. Abraham are also married to one another, and both not only teach here, but they co-teach Biology in the same classroom.

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