Wisdom Chronicle Staff Preserves & Displays Lee High School History


Student reporters of The Wisdom Chronicle in Mr. Fanucchi’s class helped organize a project to hang old class photos from the history of Lee High School (1963-2016) in the main hallway of the new Wisdom HS.

Contributors, 4th Period Staff

When some Wisdom Chronicle student reporters asked their Journalism Adviser David Fanucchi where the panoramic class photos of previous Lee High School graduating seniors were located, he did not have an immediate answer.
When the old Lee building was torn down in 2017, and the new Wisdom High School opened, trophy cases full of the school’s memorabilia were placed in the long hallway between the gym and the main office, near the fine arts wing. But, none of the Graduating Class Photos were hung on the walls.
When Fanucchi investigated, he found that the photos were being held by Assistant Principal Sandra Garza. She just had not found the right group to collaborate with on campus that would be willing to assist her.
“I was very grateful that the news reporting class stepped forward and wanted to take on the project,” said Garza. “They did a great job of organizing the photos by decade and hanging them neatly on the walls, surrounding the trophy cases.”
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One of Garza’s main objectives is to find more ways to beautify the new building and to create more school spirit. The photos will remind all students that Lee/Wisdom has a rich history in Houston ISD.
“I think as a school newspaper, it was important for us as a staff to make sure that the more than 50 years of history of our high school was not forgotten,” said Fanucchi. “The class photos range from black and white to full color, and they show the major changes in demographics and diversity of our campus over time.”
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