Newest Installations at Wisdom Include Running Track, Multi-Purpose Fields, & Covered Entry

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Although the “new” Margaret Long Wisdom High School has been open for over a year, the Houston ISD building and facility improvements have been ongoing, and they continue as construction workers and trucks still surround the campus on a regular daily basis.
But steady improvements have been made, most notably the installation of a full-sized running Track that is located directly in front of the school, between the building and Beverly Hill Drive. The soon-to-be grown grass in the middle of the track could eventually be used by the Generals’ athletics teams to practice on.
Wisdom HS News
“We all couldn’t be more excited to finally see these new improvements to our high school,” said Principal Jonathan Trinh. “We know that the construction crews have been working very hard because we see it every day. But our students are the ones who are most excited and will see the benefits.”
Crews also recently finished installing a cover above the concrete walkway from the guest parking lot to the main office.
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And Unity street between the gym and staff parking lot has been completely ripped up. Beyond the staff parking lot, an open field has been leveled and turned into a multi-purpose practice area covered in grass, for our boys and girls soccer teams and the football teams. The field comes with four new soccer goals and two football goal posts.

Finally, the Wisdom Interact Club and Science Department began working to improve the Martin Bailey Garden Project, located outside of the main hallway of the Fine Arts wing and near the JROTC courtyard. Many members of the Houston Rotary Club and Vox Culture were also there to do some heavy lifting and provide materials.
“We were over the moon to see the turn out on a Saturday, as there were many students who came to assist us,” said Interact Club Director Shannon Forssman. “I think they will spread the word and help build momentum around the project.”
The Garden Project group will be working again on Saturday, December 1 from 10 am to 1 pm.
Interact Club

Interact Club
Staff, Faculty and Principal Trinh all helped work on the Martin Bailey Garden Project, organized by the Interact Club