Pair of Recent Wisdom Alumni Begin Working at Our High School


Wisdom Chronicle

Collazo (left) and Abeja (right) both recently graduated from Wisdom HS and are now working here.

Alyssa Vazquez, Editor

When faculty and staff returned to Wisdom in late August, they were greeted by a pair of school alumni who recently graduated, and were hired over the summer to begin working. Class of 2018 JROTC Battalion Executive Officer Vanessa Collazo took over in our main office as a front desk clerk, while Class of 2017 graduate Jennifer Abeja landed a position as an Assistant in our At-Risk Attendance Office working for new Director Demetres Boyd.
In her new role, Collazo is able to help students and parents when they first arrive on campus, and need to know where to go, or what to do. She is one of the first people that guests or visitors will encounter when they walk through our doors. Collazo also handles the substitute teacher system and greets them when they arrive, with instructions for the class they are assigned to cover.
Collazo never imagined she would one day be working at the school she attended. “I love the fact that I get to come back to the school environment where I spent four years of my life,” said Collazo. “It allows me to pass on insightful information to the parents who have questions. And I know this place pretty well.”
Even though she works a full-time position, she still has her future goals in mind. “Eventually, I will begin taking online courses at Houston Community College to study Business Management, but I also would like to pursue a degree in Education, where maybe someday I can become an Assistant Principal here at Wisdom,” said Collazo. “I’m hoping that perhaps my hard work will pay off with an opportunity at my alma mater.”
Abeja also never thought that she would some day work at her own high school, while she was a student. “The idea of working here never crossed my mind, but it has been a good experience so far. I’ve realized that there is a whole other world, being on the administrative side of the school,” said Abeja. “At the beginning, I felt kind of overwhelmed because it was something so different, but now I love my job, because I learn something new every day. But I do plan on going back to college soon.”
Two graduates of Wisdom that have taken the next step in their lives, to become responsible and contributing members of society. “They were both very good students here, and we are proud to have Vanessa and Jennifer in our front office,” said Principal Jonathan Trinh. “We know this is a stepping stone for both of them – just an opportunity right now to gain some experience before moving on to bigger and better things.”