Five Cool Apps on our HISD Issued Laptops

Alyssa Vazquez, Editor

In case you have yet to discover them, we’d like to introduce you to five new technology apps that are available on our beautiful brand new Houston ISD issued Power Up school laptops. We all know that with school laptops, there are common restrictions or limitations, but if you look deep enough, you can find some apps that could be very useful to you this school year.
For the artists out there, a free app to show off your artistic ability is Paint 3D. Just type “Paint 3D” into the bottom search bar of your homepage, and it immediately brings up the app. It’s an amazing app that allows you to create so many different things.
Another useful app is the Video Editor and the Voice Recorder. You can already tell by the name of what they are, what the function of the app does for you. If you happen to be in the need of recording a discussion or a lecture, or you need to interview someone, the recorder is extremely handy. The same process can be repeated for the Video Editor, if you need to compose or mix together a video of clips and photos, or any other videos you’d like to put together, giving you endless creativity.
The last two apps I suggest are the Sticky Notes and OneNote (not the 2016 version of OneNote). If you would rather type up little reminders or To-Do lists, rather than write them down on scratch paper, then Sticky Notes is your thing. And we all know how helpful OneNote can be – the awesome online notebook.
Hopefully you find these five apps as helpful as I have, and our other students who are currently using them in class every day!