Fall Edition of the Wisdom Chronicle Goes to Print



Alyssa Vazquez, Editor

The first edition of The Wisdom Chronicle has hit Newsstands! Our Fall 2018 printed newspaper is now available.

Yes, the Wisdom Journalism department – thanks to Principal Jonathan Trinh’s support – has gone back to printing the stories that you see on www.wisdomhsnews.com, and in addition, we’ve added some FRESH content that has not been published anywhere.

Feature stories include: A Q&A with Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez – a 1987 Lee HS graduate; interviews with two alumni that now work here at Wisdom; two outstanding Class of 2018 students give us insight about their first couple of months in College, and student editor Alyssa Vazquez writes about her five favorite apps on our HISD school-issued laptops.

The old Lee High School newspaper – known as “The Traveler” – stopped printing at the end of the 2015-16 school year. Then in 2016, our high school’s name was changed to Margaret Long Wisdom high school, and we began a student news website at www.wisdomhsnews.com. Journalism stories have been posted there for each of the last two years.

But now, we are back with the newly named “Wisdom Chronicle”, with a fresh look and a new masthead. We hope that you enjoy our stories and the news that we choose to disseminate.